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day, do not be functuous when writing to us. do not be bumptious. >> and welcome to "hannity," president obama's so-called charm offensive continues, and the mainstream lap dog media are trying to paint him as a bipartisan leader. fear not, let not your heart be troubled because we're here in set the record straight. in a moment i'll be joined live by the great one, mark levin, to help pull back the curtain on the g.o.p. outreach program. before we head to his bunker, a recap on the president's dog and pony show. the first time in two years the anointed one took time out of his busy golf and vacation schedule to go face-to-face with white house republicans, i'm sorry, with house republicans are. that meeting took place on capitol hill on the heels of some other not so subtle attempts by the white house to
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portray the most polarizing president in our nation's history as somebody capable of reaching across the aisle. unfortunately for this administration it's going to take more than a single meeting or fancy lunches and dinners to bridge the partisan divide that obama has created in america because at the end of the day, simply saying you're bipartisan does not make it so. and no matter how many times jay carney, nancy pelosi, george stephanopoulos regurgitates the charm offensive talking points, the truth of the matter is the word compromise is not in this president's vocabulary. and as we've witnessed over the course of the last four years, he's not willing to listen to opposing views. he is somebody who wins political battles by demonizing the right and fear mongering, don't believe me, watch yourself. >> this republican budget is something different altogether. it's thinly veiled darwinism. >> i've never seen the patience, the willingness to accommodate views as president
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obama has extended to the republicans. >> you've got their plan, let's have dirtier air dirtier water. >> now the president is reaching out more broadly among republicans which is a good thing. >> these cuts are not smart, they are not fair, they will hurt our economy and add hundreds of americans to the unemployment roles. >> let's start out with the charm offensive taking with them over lunch. >> who are the middle class americans, some are families with children with autism and down syndrome, these are americans we'd be telling to fend for themselves. >> the president reaching out and having phone conversations and encounters with lawmakers of both parts. >> congress allows this meat cleaver approach to take place. the federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go. >> you know, the president, the big talk around washington is this so-called charm
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offensive, he has dinner with these republican legislators. >> you don't want to have to choose let's see do i close funding for the disabled kid or the poor kid? >> all right. so much for so-called bipartisanship. joining me now live with his reaction, he's in his bunker, mark levin. we have a nobel prize winning president, the anointed one i call him. were you surprised that barack obama the first was not elected pope? >> they have something in common, sean. >> sean: yeah? >> and that is the pope is a pope who cares about the cold poor and the president is someone who creates more poor, something in common. >> sean: and that's a pretty good point. what about, the president, it was one week ago, mark, you were talking about it on your radio show and i've been talking about it here and on my radio show, the apocalyptic
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doom and gloom, no immunization for kids and you heard what we played for the president and now a charm offensive? why would anybody believe that? >> well, they wouldn't. it's my understanding you need one of these, it's a white board, you know. >> sean: yeah. >> i thought i'd put something together for liberals here, just so the liberals can -- just for the liberals. >> sean: this is just for liberal viewers, okay, i'm watching. >> yeah, it's obama equals bankruptcy and bankruptcy means starving kids, no vaccines, starving seniors, no student loans, no social security, medicare, medicaid. no free contraceptives, that one will really tick you you off. and-- >> what do you mean me? >> not you, but out there. and a thousand years of darkness, so, yes, so all of these things can happen that obama talks about if obama gets his way. >> sean: all right. let me give you the latest
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pile-on and the president the last clip he was talking to george stephanopoulos and we played it last night, and again he's back to saying we're going to have to cut kids, cut kids. that's not what paul ryan's budget does, but listen to the democrats the rhetoric, propaganda, misinformation and frankly the lies they continue to tell. let's roll this tape. >> you look at his principles, you look at his vision and they're a nightmare for america, he wants americans to work until they die. he wants poor people who get sick not to be able to see a doctor and not to get the care he needs. not to get better, he wants them to die. >> this is the alternative to balance, it results in unfair tax hikes on middle class americans and results in undue burden on middle class americans through the cuts envisioned. >> this republican budget once again makes an ideological, uncompromising approach to addressing that budget challenge. >> perhaps the best thing i can tell you about the republican budget is that here we go again.
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>> yesterday americans got their first look at this year's ryan republican budget. turns out it it looks like last year's ryan republican budget and it wasn't the only one. i wasn't the only one that said, gee-whiz, not again. >> sean: their fearless lead her -- their fearless leader demagogued so he they demagogued. why are you laughing? >> i'm laughing because these are what i'll call the jim jones democrats. these people are unbelievable with what they're talking about. let me throw a few facts on the table. the government accountability office that works for harry reid and obama, they say 125 billion dollars in estimated improper payments in the federal government? i've got another one of their reports, 510 billion dollars of duplicative wasteful programs in the federal government. that's a lot of money. i've got another document here, a summary of the social security, medicare boards of trustees.
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i think they work for obama and they say here, medicare and social security cannot sustain protected long-term programs costs and that somebody needs to do something about it very fast. what has obama done about any of this? nothing about the 500 billion dollars. nothing about the 125 billion dollars. nothing about social security, medicare, or medicaid. and then they go around talking about how they care about people. they don't care about anybody. they represent big government, and that's all they represent. >> sean: and mark, the results aren't good. let's be honest here, we have 9 million people, fewer americans in the work force, and 50 million americans, these are real people that have to-- that now find themselves on food stamps because there's no opportunity in the country and one in six americans in poverty, the republican budget as proposed by ryan and you may have disagreements and feel free to tell me if you do, you don't, i don't care. and increase in spending every year for ten years isn't a cut, i don't care even if
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you're using a washington d.c. calculator, that's not a cut. >> i have a question for you, harry reid, i have a question for you, president: are times. >> sean: barack obama. >> unfunded liability over 90 trillion dollars, what are you going to do about it? what's your proposal. >> our fiscal operating deficit is over 16 1/2 trillion dollars now what are you going to do about it? you're not going to do anything about it. you just said, mr. president, that we don't have a deficit crisis. and if we don't have a deficit or debt crisis, why do you want to keep wanting to raise taxes, too, while we're at it. let me tell you, something, sean, this man and this party are ideologically driven, bike like the pied piper trying to take the country over the cliff. and when the economic system collapses, all they're talking about, food, housing, schooling, kids, senior citizens, everybody's going to suffer miserably and that's
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what we're trying to prevent. >> sean: that's the thing, i mean, anybody with eyes to see can see where we're headed and if you want a vision, if the democrats have their way, just go look at greece and spain and portugal and europe and you'll see what happens. the thing is, they just got their tax increase, and as a matter of fact, mark, as you know, they got two tax increases at the start of this year. they got the new obamacare tax and then they got the fiscal cliff tax and three months later the democratic budget and senate and haven't produced in four years and now they want another trillion dollars to take out of the economy. and it's-- how do the republicans deal with this? i mean, i had john boehner on my radio show and paul ryan on the show last night. what are your thoughts? what are they doing right and wrong? >> doing something, proposing budgets all well and good. they had a continuing resolution last week, that they could have used to try and cut some of obamacare administrative expenses, put some language in it in order to curtail obamacare.
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obamacare is the big killer in this society and not just of health care, but of liberty and the constitution, and what do they do? they vote for it. not only do they vote for it, they don't allow conservatives in the house to put an amendment on it. obama's not taking boehner seriously, he's kicking him around like a soccer ball. that's the problem, the republicans have got to show they mean something, if they don't, this is going to continue and as far as obama goes, mr. president, you said you would not raise taxes on the middle class. you increase those payroll taxes. why do you keep lying to the american people? you said you wouldn't raise taxes on the middle class. we've got all kinds of taxes on medical devices, on insurance plans that are passed on to the people. we've got all kinds of taxes and not only that, businesses are going to reduce employment 40 hours a week, 30 hours a week, to 29 hours a week. you've done this. you've done this to the middle class. why do you keep lying about it. >> sean: you know, mark, you
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and i had him pegged from day one. i know there are johnnie-come-lately's that have come on the scene to if i can it out. it's got to be stopped. more with the great mark levin out of his bunker. and if you thought chuck hagel wait until you hear michelle malkin's take on the man he wants to be secretary of labor. and vice-president's crazy joe bayne's gaffe earlier today. we have the tape, he's talking about violence against women and quote, garden variety slaps. really, uncle joe? the only thing we'd ever grown together
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♪ >> and welcome back to "hannity" as we continue from the great one, mark levin. you know, mark, if this is how democrats want to play, all right, we're big boys, we can take it. politics is a blood sport, but if that's the case, then every
6:18 pm
democrat that has signed onto obama's reckless 6 trillion dollars in debt and his spending that hasn't created a single job, didn't cut the deficit in half, i think it's time to just describe them for what they are, they are thieves breaking open our children's piggy bank and robbing future generations blind. how many republicans have taken offensive positions like that. time for them to get more aggressive? >> yeah, it would be nice if they got more aggressive and all they have to do is speak the truth and in complete sentences, but for some reason doesn't seem to work among the republicans. here, let me try it this way. let's take medicare, they're going to talk about paul ryan throwing old women off the cliff, right? who has destroyed medicare advantage. >> sean: obama. >> you're not going to have medicare advantage. obama did that. who took out 716 billion dollars out of medicare to
6:19 pm
subsidize health care for people who don't pay for health care. that's obama. where is obama's proposal on paying medicare when his own medicare trustees tell them, this is unsustainable, it's collapsing. there is no proposal. and while i'm at it, mr. president you said if we wanted to keep our insurance policies, we could. you lied. you said if our insurance premiums, that they wouldn't increase, they are, you lied. you said obamacare would reduce the deficit. it's skyrocketing the deficit. you lied. when are you going to tell the american people the truth, that's my question. >> sean: he's not. you mentioned-- i think used jim jones democrats out there which is typical levin humor, but there's truth to it. we have these johnnie-come-lately zombies sucked into hope and change and chanting repeatedly. he promised obamacare was 900 billion over ten years, latest estimates is three times that amount and over the long-term
6:20 pm
6 trillion added to the debt. we cannot afford this and survive, but the president just keeps demagoguing and scaring old people and playing the same old notes and the same talking points and bumper stickers that seem to work. >> well, you know, the democrat party may have a suicide pact for this country, but i choose not to participate and there are tens of millions of us who choose not to participate and that's what's so frustrating. we have a president who's driven by ideology and who is incompetent, who's apparently economically illiterate, but whatever the reason is, the idea that there's not a single united states senator who's a democrat or a single united states house member who is is a democrat that stands up to this lunacy with spending tells an awful lot about the democrat party, this is not the democrat party of 30 years ago. >> sean: there are no moderate democrats. you're a strategist and you believe in tactics, what -- if
6:21 pm
you're advising the republicans and john boehner was sitting alone in a room with you and mitch mcconnell. what would you tell them, how would you tell them to navigate through this? >> you really want to know the truth, are you sure about this. >> sean: of course i want the truth, yes, it's important for the country. >> i wouldn't be sitting in a room with john boehner, i'd be sitening a room with conservatives figuring out how to replace john boehner. you know, sir, we can close the government down for three, five or ten days and did it in the 1990's with newt gingrich and bill clinton for three weeks, we don't remember what occurred. our lives are bigger than the government. we'll be able to eat, clothe ourselves and go to the movies. if the epa isn't down our throats and in our face we'll live our lives perfectly fine, the republicans need to accept this. >> sean: i had boehner on the radio show and you were listening, i asked him, all right, lets he assume you'll pass the bill that eliminates obamacare and gets rid of it,
6:22 pm
i'm all in favor of that. but we know the senate is not going to pass and the president is not going to sign it. push comes to shove here, the continuing resolution or the debt ceiling, but at some point, it's either symbolic or they have to be willing to shut down the government. his answer to me was that the full faith and credit of the united states would be in jeopardy and my answer to him was, wait a minute, we take in 2.7 billion our obligations could be paid for seniors and the military and our debt service, who is right? >> you're right because boehner is repeating what obama says. the bottom line is this, the debt is the interest on the debt that is due. we bring in far more money than is required to pay the interest on the debt to cover social security and medicare, to cover the military and the vets. >> sean: all right. >> and what he's talking about and boehner is doing is paying for all the rest of the stuff. >> sean: by the way, you look good, great one. you lost some weight and you're working out and you
6:23 pm
look like you're ready to go in ufc boxing which you love so much. >> i love the ufc. god bless you. thank you, buddy, you're looking pretty good yourself in a manly kind of way. >> sean: gee, thanks, mark. the great one, mark levin. and coming up next, move over john brennan and chuck hagel because the president is about to unveil yet another rod ca cal-- radical nominee, and michelle malkin has more details on that straight ahead. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete.
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>> and welcome back to "hannity." now it appears that obama just doesn't like to make things easy on himself. if you thought chuck hagel and john brennan were controversial nominees. wait until you hear who the president is looking at to be the next labor secretary. it it looks like thomas e perez and just like his past picks this is filled with controversy. perez currently oversees the civil rights division, and under his division, challenged voting laws and opponents say it restricts minority voting. that's not all, learning a new report released by the department inspector general,
6:28 pm
the lawsuit against the new black panther party back in 2008. joining me now to explore more on this possible pick. is syndicated columnist, michelle malkin. welcome back. >> thanks for having me on, sean. >> sean: and the radical people keep getting through and i would expect him to take his ideological comrades. >> this is completely expected of course and i think the ball is now in the court of the republican party to expose just how radical this assistant attorney general is and i've reported extensively on tom perez's history as an extremist, race-baiter, and i think most troubling from my perspective, his long-time advocacy, not of american workers, but of illegal alien workers. this is somebody who cut his teeth at casa de maryland
6:29 pm
which is one of the most activist open border groups in the country. it's funded by government. millions of dollars from the state of maryland and local governments, as well as the radical left wing billionaire george sorosoros' group. >> sean: and didn't they get 5 million in government grants? >> sure did, 5 million from the government and untold more by progressive outfits. and my favorite, a million dollars from the late, departed thug, hugo chavez's citgo, believe it or not. >> sean: yeah. >> so, this is the money that's fueled this man and he has dedicated his career to expanding illegal alien benefits, everything from illegal alien college tuition discounts and casa de maryland
6:30 pm
c can, the deferral, and executive fiat, driver's licenses for illegal aliens and blocking, local, state and federal cooperation on immigration enforcement and data bases, which i think is key when you're talking about national security issues. >> sean: what about the-- >> as you mentioned all of the labor department -- all of the stuff that came out in this inspector general's report about all of the monkeying around and the unethical behavior by tom perez while he was ag under the obama administration's doj. >> sean: why don't we go over the inspector general's report, basically misleading the commission on civil rights about the lawsuit, it relates to the new black panther party back in 2008, those were the guys standing outside the polling place in philly banging on batons and wearing military gear, as we're putting up on the screen here. why don't you explain that. >> yes, just to set the
6:31 pm
context, remember that these thugs were harassing not only people who were voting at that philadelphia precinct in the fall of 2008, but also harassing and hurling poisonous racial epithets and demagoguery and people trying to monitor the voting booth there. it's thanks to brave whistle blowers within the goj, christopher adams and christopher coates the head of the rights section and who blue the whistle, and the monkeying around by many of the appointees, the polittization, and even under the administration, they had agreed that these people were culpable for violating voting rights laws. >> sean: he also refused to honor the subpoenas. thinking the position he has,
6:32 pm
he has a obligatin obligation t what is asked of him, especially considering the position he's in at doj. >> that's right, instead of ensuring and protecting justice, this guy was be obstructing it. in addition to refusing to honor the subpoenas, of course, there was a lot of the wording in the federal judge's decision that he had blatantly misled the u.s. commission on civil rights and i think that the report that came out as a result of representative wolf's request here also underscores all of that. i think that the phrase was polarization and mistrust. in essence, this is somebody who had deliberately, selectively enforced a law in a racially, not neutral way, and all of that is dangerous and has implications for putting him in a position to be head of the department of labor. >> sean: all right, but considering that we've got brennan has gotten through.
6:33 pm
hagel has gotten through. any chance this could be stopped from your perspective. >> a lot of grass roots and people familiar with tom perez's record has been doing everything they can to expose it. and my column, michelle, and christian adams and a number of people who are so familiar with this guy's three decade long record of championing racially selective enforcement of the law, and also championing illegal alien workers over american workers. i think we need republicans to do another filibuster and talk about the implications of this. why not? where are you? where is the crusaders for american workers and people who abide by the law? >> all right. michelle malkin, great report as always. thanks for being with us. >> you bet. take care. >> sean: critics are calling it organizing for access and as you can see president obama
6:34 pm
addressed the left wing group moments ago, karl rove says it's nothing more than a front group for access to the white house. and later, michael moore will do anything for the second rights of law abiding americans, including the release of the crime scene photos that were taken inside sandy hook elementary. more on that disgusting request later. and don't foeshth we want to hear from you our special companion site hannity live and follow the live show and we want your thoughts hanni go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i rais my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru.
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visit to apply. >> hi, once again the white house says one thing, they do another. while members of the obama administration are running around adamantly denying they're selling access to the president. that's not what appears to have happened earlier tonight. now, president obama spoke at a founder dinner for organizationing for action, which is an advocacy group whose sole purpose is to push
6:39 pm
through his radical agenda. as we showed, a $500,000 contribution will secure you quarterly meetings with the commander-in-chief himself. and no matter how the white house tries to spin this, taxpayers are not buying it. america's crossroads has a new ad. >> helping seniors cross the street, appropriate. texting during dinner, inappropriate. selling access to the president for $500,000? >> perfectly appropriate. >> what? >> perfectly appropriate. >> the obama administration officially ending all white house tours. >> but with a perfectly appropriate donation of a half million dollars, president obama will come to you. yes, with organizing for access getting special treatment has never been more-- >> appropriate. >> just ask george kaiser, he bundled cash for obama. solyndra. >> got millions. >> for gifts, he raised 500
6:40 pm
grand and obama named him an ambassador. who does i care, what does obama like, here is what he likes, the federal government putting money on the table, what he likes, i like. some things in life are just inappropriate, but organizing for access. >> perfectly appropriate. >> send in your executive order again. call now and we'll make you an organizing for action, we accept personal checks, credit card and cash. >> and joining me the architect karl rove, i love that ad, good stuff, but i don't like the idea that little kids can't go to the white house unless they've got a $500,000 check, apparently. >> yeah, and of course, the president blamed it on the secret service when it turns out the decision made inside the white house. look, let's step back. two years ago in the fall of 2010, president obama went to townsend, maryland to give a speech to attack soft money groups, groups that had accepted contributions in excess of the federal limit for federal campaigns, he
6:41 pm
called them a threat to democracy. talking about the group that i'm associated with, american crossroads that sponsored that web video. tonight he spoke at organizing for action, which is a soft money group just like the ones that he was describing two years ago as threats to democracy, so, chalk it up. a little bit of hypocrisy, the difference is is that when he-- when this group, ofa, advertised for solicited contributions said if you gave $500,000 you would get quarterly briefings by the white house and implying you'd go to the white house for their briefings. now, tonight they had the president go to the st. regis hotel. i was having dinner down the street and literally walking by the st. regis has the president was leaving and tried to thumb a ride up to the fox studios, but he didn't stop. >> sean: he didn't stop for you. this is important, is the president allowed to sell access to that. that's a blatant quid pro quo, i know it's the chicago way. >> look, i can tell you this,
6:42 pm
sean, if i had come up with this kind of a nutty scheme when i was in the bush white house, the white house counsel would have grabbed for the phone and only hesitated to figure out should they call the lunatic asylum or the justice department to refer me for an investigation. this to me does not pass the smell test. there are laws that prohibit the administration from soliciting contributions from lobby members. there is a specific law that prohibits any money of any amount for the white house to lobby congress. this is clearly an effort to lobby the congress, and they admit that, and clearly the white house is in touch with this group, which means the white house in the time and energy and effort and the physical, you know, act of making a phone call is violating the federal law. i don't see how the president's getting away with it and i certainly don't see why the president's people are letting him get away with it except i guess they think they can sort of, you know, bully their way through this by saying, oh, we're not selling access when their literature says $500,000 and you get
6:43 pm
quarterly meetings with the white house and the president. >> sean: that's the point. it's there in black and white and you can read it and you have jay carney, perfectly acceptable. >> perfectly acceptable. >> sean: now, i understand under eric holder, which is a justice department that has been politicized, nothing's going to happen then, but is there any -- do you see potential legal problems for the president as you know, considering all the mistakes that they've made and all the evidence they left behind? >> well, look, i do think this is -- first of all, we'll leave it up to the lawyers to decide. i'm not a lawyer, but i've talked to people who are ethics lawyers who think this stinks. look, here is one other thing, this will cause problems for the president on a number of level. first of all, every republican gets one of these phone calls engendered by an e-mail saying, you know, call congressman smith and tell him to stop, you know, throwing granny out of the nursing home and ripping kids out of head start programs and firing teachers. they're not going to be fooled. they know exactly where this is coming from and it's coming
6:44 pm
from the obama political machine, and as a result, it will have less impact. second of all, you're going to find some democrats who say this liberal agenda is not comfortable in my swing state and they'll be upset ofa. and they're raising money, they've got a website, he e-mail requests and almost every day an e-blast with a donate request. that's going to irritate democrat candidates and democratic political-- >> there seems to be one goal here. i think the president knows his radical agenda isn't complete unless and until he gets the house of representatives and helps, the demonization, the doom and gloom, the apocalyptic talk, nonstop campaigning, all to divide republicans and do you think he'll be successful? >> there's a comment tomorrow
6:45 pm
in the the wall street journal, i commend to your readers or watchers, i think i did a pretty good column if i say so myself. i think's failing at it. overplayed on the sequester, a very liberal agenda and these kind of things like today, this morning, he went on good morning america with george stephanopoulos and implied that the republican agenda was quote, too gut medicare, to gut social security, to gut medicaid and then he goes later-- >> and to hurt children and he mentioned the children again. by the way it's the children he's stealing from. >> and then he goes up to capitol hill and meets with republicans and says i want to work with you. that's clearly what he said on camera, clearly was what he meant and what he said in private i don't think he really meant and it's hurting him. his numbers are down, he's way below where clinton was at this point after his second election and it's only going to get worse before the 2014 election. you're a democrat in a blue-- in a purple state or a purple district or red state or red district, you don't like this at all if you're a democrat.
6:46 pm
>> sean: all right, karl rove, i love the ad, a great ad. thank you for being with us. >> you bet, thank you. >> sean: coming up next michael moore's obsession with taking away your guns is now leading for him to call for the release of the crime scene photos taken inside sandy hook elementary and you're going to hear his disgusting comments next. and later don't forget it's quite possibly vice-president, crazy uncle joe biden's worst slip up-to-date. that and more as we continue on this edition of "hannity." both tylenol and bayer back & body
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>> liberal documentary film maker michael moore is at it again. this time what he's calling for is over the top, it's offensive and frankly down right weird and horrific. and he's calling for crime scene photos from the tragedy in newtown, connecticut, and he's doing it to push the left's gun grabbing. and america you must not look in part. quote, when the american people see what bullets from an assault rifle at close range does to a children's body that's the day the jig
6:51 pm
will be up for the n.r.a., the debate on gun control will be at an end. there will be nothing to argue over, and every sane american will call for action and goes on to describe what the photos of the murdered children might look like and ends with a rant to the n.r.a. advising them to pack their bags if the photos are released. and good to sigh guys. >> good to see you. >> sean: obviously, what he's doing here, hasn't been in the media and kind of become irrelevant and kind of attention-seeking here and politicizing a tragedy. obviously, he cares more about his political agenda than he does about families that have suffered enough already. to put parents through that, he'd want that to happen, releasing the photos and does he not care about the other people involved that experienced that pain already. >> michael moore doesn't speak to all liberals and people like myself who want gun control.
6:52 pm
i'm a mom first before anything political and to show children who are dead is horrific in my opinion. i understand what he's trying to do. he's saying, look, if you're backing these guns, and you're saying you don't want these types of guns band, n.r.a. is who he's really attacking, you you need to look at the carnage. >> sean: there's another side of this. we want to go that far. maybe the woman about to be raped and i've interviewed a lot of people who would not be here today, but for firearms. maybe the woman about to be raped or about to be killed, who used a weapon to kill a rapist, murderer or a thief in their house and show those photos and say, guns save good people's lives. do you want to do that. >> the statistics are not-- >> the statistics are lies, no, your statistics on the left are lies. >> what if the n.r.a. have taken the images and said we would not have this tragedy if there was an armed guard in
6:53 pm
front of this school. it would be wrong if they did it. you and i could have a point and could have an honest disagreement with gun control and more school safety via armed guards, that's fine and legitimate. newtown forces us to elevate this conversation. what michael moore does, use these children not as victims, but political opportunities to put forward an agenda, which the title says it all. it's all about ending the n.r.a.'s power. >> sean: what are you ever going to do if somebody, god forbid breaks into your house, what do you do? >> if they can get in, this have earned it. >> sean: earned it? what? >> it's very difficult to get into my home. >> sean: you get my point, you're in a house and somebody breaks in, how do you defend yourself and family. >> sean shall the second amendment and constitution is great. that has to do with freedom and freedom of choice, yours to own a gun and mine not to. >> sean: why we're debating, trying to take away my right to keep and bear arms, the arms i want i'm a law abiding citizen and marksman and
6:54 pm
trained in the use of firearms since i was 11 years old. >> this isn't just about that. when we talk about, in my opinion, when we talk about the legislation, in my opinion it's comprehensive package, and it's not just about banning-- >> and when a vice-president of the united states is telling people to take a shotgun and shoot it through a door not knowing what's on the other side. there's a guy, pistorius, who claims he did the same thing. that's not how you use a firearm. secondly, a lot of women if they weigh 100 pounds, 120 pounds arek on their rear ends if they shoot a-- an ar-15 will not put them on their back side. >> they can't carry a shotgun in their purse. >> in their homes to defend themselves. sean, this is the missed opportunity that liberals forced us to go toward since newtown. there were people, conservatives who i know who are very pro gun who after newtown says this commands our attention, our respect and everything is on the table. let's have a comprehensive
6:55 pm
conversation, we know when revisiting the issue of gun control, by the way, president obama did not do a thing about, giving him an f-rating brady campaign for gun violence for his first four years. and increasing the law that connecticut had an assault weapons ban and gun-free schools which newtown was in. connecticut had among the strongest gun control laws. we know by just making rational laws we're not-- >> okay, leslie, let me ask you a question. you wouldn't want to protect you and your family, i want you to protected. >> i am protected, but i don't need a gun, the gun is more apt to be used on me than by me. >> sean: i urge you to read -- that's absolutely not true. they're talking about all guns used in homes, and criminals that have used them and the statistics are skewed. >> can i tell you what military guys have told me and others marksmen like yourself. it's different shooting a
6:56 pm
target than a human when you wake up three o'clock in the morning you're scrambling for the gun and ammunition and storing them separately, many times the perpetrator will win. >> sean: leslie, i think that people, that might be your choice, but don't take away my choice. >> i'm not taking away your choice. >> sean: that's right. dianne feinstein would. >> background check. >> sean: thank you, guys. it's finally here the worst gaff yet of crazy uncle joe biden's career, you don't want to miss the words that came flying out of his mouth earlier today. that and much more straight ahead. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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